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"Once workers weren't servants. They were working.

They nourished an honour, an absolute honour, as honour requires. The leg of the chair was well done. That was natural, it was understood. That was a pre-eminence. The reason wasn't the salary, well done proportionally to the salary. That wasn't because of owner, or because of entrepreneur, or because of customers of owner.

The leg needed to be well done by itself, because of itself, because of its own nature. That was a tradition went up from that kind of people, that history; an honour required that the leg of the chair was well done.

Any hidden part of the chair was manufactured to the same perfection that any visible part. By the same principle of cathedrals.

Only me - by now so corrupted - that I keep on. They had not even a shadow of a reflection. That was the work. They worked well. It wasn't matter to be seen or not to be seen. The work needed to be well done."

from "The Money" by Charles Peguy

(french writer - 1873/1914)

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