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Stefano Lazzari                                                                                          

I am a professional who has built his experience in internationals companies with a high technological content of the microelectronics field

I have developed an intense experience in different business areas: starting from R&D, then product industrialization and process engineering, production, quality, organization development, HR performance management and training, and finally the company management control system; these experiences have allowed me to have an in-depth view of business processes, their dynamics and the typical causes of criticalities and inefficiencies; knowledge of the specific issues of each area facilitates me in identifying areas for improvement, in proposing projects and managing change with the parties involved

My services are:


1)      Technology and product development


§  Development of new products with technological content (conception, prototyping, feasibility, risk analysis, production costs, search for suppliers, economic evaluations of return on investment, project management, management theme)

§  Collaborations between companies and universities


2)      Manufacturing problem solving and yield improvement


§  Design for Manufacturability, product industrialization

§  Implementation of process control tools based on statistical methods (SPC); management of improvement projects (6sigma)

§  Production line layout and logistics, maintenance strategies, waste elimination (Lean Manufacturing)

§  Release in production of processes and training of production personnel

§  Transfer from and to other productive realities of consolidated technological processes


3)      Company organisation development


§  Analysis of organizations and business processes, identification of KPIs

§  Identification of responsibilities and empowerment of resources

§  Implementation of the performance management process

§  Implementation of the training process


4)      Implementation of quality management systems according to the standard ISO 9001:2015


§  Introduction of management by processes, quality management according to the customer-supplier logic in inter-company relationships

§  Effective analysis of quality events, definition of contingent, corrective and preventive actions


5)      Job research and out placement


§  Professionals research and selection

§  Vocational guidance and job research; introduction to Companies (Resume, marketing letters, interviews)

§  Tutoring


Image1What do I propose? Empowering the company skills by involving myself with the problems, enhancing the resources present, participating in product development and industrialization projects, collaborating in overcoming the typical difficulties caused by waste and poor quality, introducing the most suitable method to work

How do I work? By making the proposed objectives my own objectives, maintaining an independent vision and proposing it as a term of comparison; always aiming for the goal without losing attention to making people grow, generate the ability to achieve the goal in those who are with me

Decisive and clear when needed but always discreet, trying to bring out, to converge the work of those who manage and those who perform. It is the image of the "yeast" that best suits my personality

What is the form? The proposed modality are contracts aimed at objectives or packages of hours to be spent according to a defined program or on necessity 


Contact:                                   Stefano Lazzari, e-mail slazzari@empoweringfab.com

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